Where To Buy LED Lights for Affordability, Quality, and Great Design?

Where To Buy LED Lights?

Picking a random LED light sold on the market and bringing it home is never too challenging. But searching for the ones with high quality at a reasonable price is a different story. 

So, where to buy LED lights so that you don’t have to regret your shopping decision later? 

We have the answer with a detailed guide for you to enjoy in this article. Do not let the mass of options out there confuse your consideration anymore. And now, GAME ON!

Where To Buy LED Lights?

Where to buy LED lights
Where to buy LED lights

It is up to you to choose the nearest local stores or online shopping sites to buy the LED lights. Regardless of which one you prefer, we got your back with suggestions relating to both of them. 

Where To Buy Led Lights Near Your Home?

For this section, we would like to mention Walmart. Wayfair, IKEA, Lumens, The Home Depot, and Schoolhouse.


When it comes to lighting retail, Walmart can beat lots of opponents at a price. This retailer offers a countless range of LED lights, which can meet the needs of most customers. 

Plus, in Walmart, you can find celebrity partnerships like the Drew Barrymore’s Flower Home collection. Not only that, Walmart accepts returns for free within one month of purchase. 


Another suggestion is Wayfair – a “home things” shopping paradise with sales available all year round. If your home redecoration is now in the process, you should not miss a deal. 

Our tip is always to keep an eye on the Wayfair sale page since they update many attractive promotions. Or, signing up to get notifications is not a bad idea, either. 


Besides Walmart and Wayfair, as a reputable home décor retailer, IKEA is also an indispensable part of the list. Along with stunning furniture, IKEA satisfies its customers with excellent light fixtures as well. Moreover, in IKEA, on-trend smart lights are also available without requiring you to prepare a huge budget. 


With a total of around 300 brands registering on Lumens, seeking the best match for your lighting needs becomes easier than ever. Under the one-stop-shopping business type, Lumens provides shoppers with an enormous range of options. 

In comparison with other counterparts, the retailer has an advantage by offering a competitive shipping fee. In other words, the payment is only $9.99. For better attractiveness, all orders over $75 will receive free shipping. 

LED lights shopping
LED lights shopping

Additionally, Lumens has attracted the attention of numerous customers worldwide with both inspiration and guidelines. You can find them on the Ideas & Advice page. 

The Home Depot

Our next recommendation is The Home Depot. Its enormous provision ranges from LED lights attached to ceiling fans to utilitarian fixtures. Instead of providing trendy products, The Home Depot focuses on the lights having good quality and great designs.

An additional highly appreciated point for this retailer relates to its diversity of products. Not only lights, but it also enables you to pick other things for installation. 


When price does not matter, why don’t you give Schoolhouse a try? This premium Portland-based manufacturer brings 100% USA-made products, from Ion lamps to LED ceiling fans. All of them always stand in a high position for both quality and design. 

Where To Buy LED Lights Online

When it comes to online shopping, we should not ignore sites, namely Amazon, Etsy, Ylighting, and Pepperfry. 


We consider Amazon an endless source for you to pick the most shining options for your home lighting system. Despite the mass of different brands in Amazon, their in-house names, including Rivet, Stone & Beam, Ravenna, and AmazonBasic, have received high appreciation over time. 

The Rivet is superior in mid-century modern design, while Stone & Beam has its advantage regarding the farmhouse lighting fixture. In terms of Ravenna, Amazon’s brand brings excellent elegance to simple essentials. And along with those names, AmazonBasics also comes as a good bet which is worth your money. 


The game certainly wouldn’t be complete without Etsy with hundreds of handmade lighting products. It is possible to look for stuff such as chandeliers and wall sconces easily on this site. As for the budget concern, Etsy always provides unique solutions for lighting fixtures at a better price than any online spot. 


Besides providing various lighting options, buying Lightning also brings an endless inspiration for design based on types of room and different categories of products. Thus, shoppers will know how the light they choose looks in their space. 

LED lights
LED lights

Like Lumens, Lightning becomes more competitive on the market when they apply great shipping and return policy. For each order above $75, the shipping will be free. 


To name but a few, Philips, Syska, D-Lite are some of the many brands available on Pepperfry. In terms of product range, offers, and promotion, Pepperfry is almost the same compared to other sites mentioned here.

From typical stuff for the household such as bulbs, tube lights to décor things, everything is available for you to pick into the shopping cart. Plus, when following the site regularly, you will never miss their big deals for sure. 

How To Buy LED Light Strips?

As for the LED light strips, the following are common factors to keep in mind. We will get more specific further on in this post when we talk about each individual strip:

  • LED light strip length needed estimation
  • The number of separate strips determination
  • Requirements for power and voltage of the strip
  • Flexibility of the lights
  • Durability (waterproofing for example) of the strip 
  • Decision of additional components (connectors, extra wire) needed 
  • The way to dim, control, program the strip after setup 


Where to buy LED lights? From local stores to convenient online shops, our list has numerous options for your consideration. Hence, it will be great if this recommendation can help you optimize both your shopping time and budget. 


Do you have any more ideas? If YES, we are so eager to hear from you!