Top 5 Mistakes While Installing LED Lights

Mistakes While Installing LED Lights

It’s not that simple to use the house LED lights, as the task does not only include installing some light bulbs and then turning them on. If you skipped your house’s lighting rules and shining demands, this could lead to electric waste because of the redundancy of bulbs or the lack of light for work. It’s even worse when both of them happen at once.

This post will help you identify the top five mistakes while installing LED lights. Follow Best Led Lights to make sure that the light in your house is being installed correctly!.

Installing Only One Single Light Lamp Type

First of all, we recommend you check all of your house’s lamps to know whether they are one single light lamp type. If your answer is Yes, you are getting in the biggest misunderstanding while installing the light. That’s why you should read our instructions carefully to find out where your problems are and the solution to fix them right away!

Installing only a single way light lamp is one of the most common mistakes that many people may make. In the previous posts, we have emphasized three types of lighting that are necessary for certain areas and spaces. They are general lighting, functional lighting, and decorative lighting. In fact, most of the houses are using just one of them. 

This problem could lead to an unbalance in lighting and some inconveniences. For example, the general light cannot be useful for reading or cooking. It’s also helpless for the purposes of decorating or making your household furniture stand out.

Single-way light
Single-way light

For perfect lighting, we highly recommend you to use multiple kinds of lamps. They will give you abundant light supplies with ample functions and purposes, which may help provide enough lighting to your surroundings. You can take a glance at the detailed instructions in our articles at Best Led Lights.

Using Only The DownLight LED

When mentioning the lighting plan for the house, we also highlight the importance of measuring the number of lamps that match your house’s square. 

Too much or lack of light is unacceptable. However, some people consider that all the task they need to finish is installing more bulbs on the ceiling. That is actually a serious misunderstanding, especially with high ceiling houses! 

More specifically, the lights may not work properly due to the lack of focal distance. It will be unable to reach your areas, which may leave your room covered in darkness.

Track lighting
Track lighting

If you are facing this issue, you can still fix it! The architectural engineers advised us to use rule number 3 in the light setup to solve this problem. In particular, divide your house into three parts: the ceiling lamp – light for the pictures hanging on the wall, and the ground and floor light for interior design. 

Normally, we use these types of LED for this rule: Downlight for ceiling, walling tube lights for wall, track lighting for walling artwork, and corner light for house corner or under the sofa, etc.

Each of the lights has its own function, so you must find out which one is most suitable for each part of the house to ensure that all the light can reach every corner of the house.

Corner lights.
Corner lights.

Ignore The Importance Of Work Lighting 

Work lighting is incredibly significant because it directs light to specific places to help us work more efficiently, especially in the kitchen, where you must move around quite a lot. Many households want to save money by installing merely conventional illumination in the kitchen. This is a severe mistake, as the lack of light might lead to unfortunate problems throughout the cooking process!

According to professional designers, functional lighting in the kitchen should be focused on the meal preparation area, the stove, and the sink. Mini eyeball LED downlights installed beneath the kitchen cabinets are an ideal choice. You can also use tube lights to install l or L-shaped kitchen cabinets.

Therefore, working light brings a lot of benefits to our home and helps us work safely and efficiently. Do not hesitate to install more work lighting in important areas of your house!

LED Downlight
LED Downlight

Install Without Dimmer Or Use The Wrong Dimmer

One of the serious mistakes when installing LED lighting is forgetting about the dimmers or installing the dimmers improperly.

As many homeowners haven’t recognized the value of dimmers, their bulbs might overly consume the power and emit a lot of waste heat as a result. Meanwhile, utilizing a dimmer to control the brightness will help your family save more energy and extend the bulb’s life.

Nowadays, many smart LED lights allow users to control them remotely, thanks to their automatic connection to smartphones.

LED Lighting
Lights Room Lamps Conference Led Lighting

Inappropriate Lighting Selection

Randomly picking lights without a good reference can easily ruin the overall appearance of your home. The first common issue is selecting the irrelevant lamp size for the lighting area; for example, a large panel light is never suitable for a small apartment living room.

Next is selecting lights based on your preferences. Many people consider the light bulbs at those product showrooms will suit their house well, but it is unrealistic. Each house space with different qualities in terms of area, wall color, furniture, and design style; requires certain types of lights.


All in all, we want to emphasize that a well-thought-out plan will assist your family in choosing the right sort of lighting for each place, as well as avoiding mistakes while installing LED lights. This post has pointed out some common mistakes and solutions related to the lighting of your house. Now, it is your part to take action to change and renovate them!

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