How To Install LED Strip Lights On Ceiling? Step-By-Step Guides

Considerations before installing LED strips

What should you do when you are fed up with your boring living space? Decorating LED strip lights on the ceiling can be a great idea to bring life breath and twinkling to your room! With these lights, it will be an ideal space where you can relax and chill at the end of the day.

Yet, how to install LED strip lights on ceiling? Here comes a thorough guideline on how to do it! Let’s start now!

How To Install Led Strip Lights On Ceiling? 

Many websites show you how to hang LED lights, but this is the most detailed, complete, and easy-to-understand tutorial! With step-by-step instructions below, you will surely finish this DIY project quickly and perfectly. 

1. Determine The LED Strip Lights For Your Ceiling

There are many different types of LED strip lights on the market today, so you should determine the type of lights based on criteria such as intended use, personal preferences, and harmony with other objects in your room. 

For example, colored atmospheric LED lights are perfect for bedroom ceilings but disastrous for workbench areas. Likewise, dimmable RGB lighting might be the perfect option for the living room space, where you can both relax and work.

An LED like the Govee Smart LEDs might give you a drubbing if you are a tech geek. That’s because it can connect to WIFI and even interact with your smart gadgets such as Google Home or Alexa.

Moreover, hanging LED lights on the ceiling requires a more complicated and ingenious technique than you think. Regardless of the kind of light you purchase, you need to bear in mind that the width of LED strips shouldn’t be larger than the wideness of the install area. 

led strip lights festive

2. Keep Your Ceiling Surface Dry And Clean 

Before installing the lights, you should find a way to clean the ceilings and let them dry first. If the ceiling surface is clean and free of dirt, the light strips’ ability to stick is higher and more durable. 

Furthermore, you will need to paste the lights most of the time, so if the ceiling facet is not parched enough, the hanging process will be more difficult and time-consuming than expected.

3. Sketch Out The Route For The LED Strip Lights

You had better organize everything, including installing LEDs as pre-calculation always results in a smoother process. More specifically, the lighting route planning procedure should include the positions to plug into an outlet and the area to connect to the power supply.

It is also crucial to estimate the full range of the light pieces for the entire ceiling. In particular, use a tape measure to find out exactly the precise length. When calculating, exclude the length from the strip to the main power supply. Also, it is better if you purchase some extra LED light strips for tight corners or odd spots.

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4. Scrutinize Your Ceiling Type To Decide LED Installation Method 

On the whole, the common method to hang LED strips is to glue them using an adhesive. However, some types of ceilings do not fit this way, like the rough covers. You can refer to the following techniques to apply for different types of ceilings:

Method 1: LED strip lights mounting clips

This method works for most ceilings, especially if the roof surface is slightly moist. These clips come with screws for mounting to the dome, so they help increase adhesion between the LED strips and the surface.

Installers recommend approximately 1 foot among each clip. Yet, these couplers are considerably affordable so that you can reduce the distance between them for better adhesion.

Method 2: LED strip lights mounting channels

The second option is similar to the above, but it will give your ceiling a much more perfect appearance. When hanging, try to make the LEDs adhere to the hind part of mounting channels. 

Furthermore, after installation, use UV covers to hide the strips so that the strips won’t be exposed when the light passes. Make sure that the width of the covers suits the size of the LED strips.

Method 3: Ultra-adhesive double-sided tapes

When applying this technique, you have to assure that your ceiling surfaces are completely smooth and dry. In detail,  all you need to do is stick these double-sided tapes on the cover and glue the LED light strips to the other side of them.


how to install led strip lights

5. Install The LED Strips In The Desired Route.

You can apply one of the three ways above to fix LED strips to your desired pathway. During this process, you will probably have to cut some lengths of lights to fit the size of the ceiling. In case you need to divide them, locate the cuttable points, which are often black lines in the center of copper solder paddings.

What should you do when you need to connect strips? You may need the help of strip connectors to clamp them together. However, the connectors must be suitable with the width, pins, max wattage, and RGB vs. single tone of the LED lights. 

If you require high aesthetics for installing LED lights, it’s advisable to hide strips with lips. For instance, you can place the lightning strips at the back of a lip, like at the tip of molds or the margin of drop-down ceilings. This trick will help you hide the LED strips and offer the most excellent light effect and lustrous look for your living space.

6. Connect LED Strip Lights To The Power Source.

To connect LED strips to the main power supply, you can use their extra length or an extension. Still, this task is relatively dangerous and complicated, so you should secure the services of professional electricians.

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Where Should You Put The LED Strips On The Ceiling? 

Depending on the preferences and purposes of use, you can freely pick one idea from the below:

  • If you want the ceiling to be more illuminated, put the strips about 3 or 5 inches from the cover. 
  • Do you desire the walls of your room to be brighter? Install the LED strips around 1 foot under the ceiling to allow the light to shine upwards.
  • If you value aesthetics, you can place them behind the margin of the ceilings. 
Put The LED Strips On The Ceiling
Locations to place LED strip lights.

What Should You Consider Before Installing LED Strip Lights On The Ceiling? 

Before hanging the light from the ceiling, note the following:

  • Measure the length of the ceiling, including the distance to the electrical outlet.
  • The power outlet should be close to the main power supply for a better look and minimal LED strip wastage.
  • You should use coving to prolong LED lights’ longevity. 
  • Utilize super-adhesive double-sided tape if your ceiling is a porous texture.
Considerations before installing LED strips
Considerations before installing LED strips


With only six fundamental and uncomplicated steps above, you can solve your irritating question: How to install LED strip lights on ceiling? If you are a TikToker or a YouTuber, you will need the help of these LED strips. They will make your photos and videos more gorgeous and attractive! 

Lastly, please keep in mind some important notes we’ve mentioned above for success and long-term use!

Let’s start doing this DIY project immediately to have a sparkling living space!