Best Led Grow Lights

Best led Growlights

In order for indoor plants and vegetables to grow and achieve optimal yields, you should be an expert in LED use. 

The best LED grow lights for your calls need to meet some technical requirements. Natural light has all colors on the spectrum. Yet, LEDs can only reproduce certain colors. Thus, you need to choose LEDs suitable to promote plant growth and yield.

The Best Led Grow Lights for Developmental Stages

1. iPower RP1100E

Important Specifications

  • Spectrum:  full spectrum
  • Wattage: 105 watt
  • Lightning mode: Dimmable

Product’s highlights

The iPower indoor LED Grow lights focus on the development of shoots and yields for plants. It is best suited for vegetables and flowers.

This product features Samsung LM301B high-performance LEDs and smart MeanWell drivers. So, the brightness of the lamp is superior and has more solid performance than the common lamps.

The dimmer knob controls brightness with different modes to suit the growth processes.

iPower RP1100E
iPower RP1100E

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What We Like

  • Outstanding performance
  • Optimizing plant growth
  • No need for a cooling fan system
  • Dimmable and adjustable light mode
  • Full-spectrum lights

Things to Consider

  • More expensive than similar products

Bottom line

An undeniable advantage of iPower LEDs is the minimal noise level and removal of the cooling fan. You can both save money on your investment in the cooling system and avoid the noise caused by the fans.

Built for outstanding performance, iPower LEDs are the leading product for indoor plants.

You can refer to iPower’s LED products with different wattages below.


Important Specifications

  • Number of LEDs: 96 lights
  • LED Control: 96 Zener Diodes for each LED
  • Lightning mode: daisy chain available
  • Warranty: 3 years

Product’s highlights

SUNRAISE LED excels with 30% more brightness than other products in its class. The product has up to 96 led lights with Zeners to adjust each light. 

So you can customize the lighting mode as you want. You can turn them into daisy chains to illuminate a larger area.

Utilizing the power cord as a daisy chain simplifies operation and wiring. So, SUNRAISE works well to illuminate large areas of indoor cultivation.


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What We Like

  • Controllable via Timer
  • Good use for flowering and fruiting stage
  • Bright light
  • Optimal capacity 30% more than similar products
  • No need to use ballast
  • Plug-and-play-construction

Things to Consider

  • Not waterproof
  • Need to use with cooling fans

Bottom line

Users can customize the lighting mode of 96 LEDs to best suit each stage of plant growth. 

During the early stages, SUNRAISE’s blue and white LEDs focus beams for germination. And this makes roots grow stronger.

SUNRAISE has full-spectrum lights to control the illumination throughout the plant-growing process. This is a good choice for efficient indoor agricultural lighting.

If you would like to have a separate LED for individual plants, you can check out small-scale LEDs. They are 1:1 high efficiency for each plant.

 3. Simple Deluxe

Important Specifications

  • Spectrum: white light only
  • Wattage: up to 150 Watt
  • Lightning mode: Adjustable
  • LED Type: use E26 bakelite socket

Product’s highlights

The Simple Deluxe Led Bulb is a versatile product and is suitable for all indoor lighting needs. 

If you are not an expert in indoor farming, and only have a few plants for lighting, you should choose this led light.

Equipped with only white light, Simple Deluxe LED is suitable for ornamental plants. Besides, you can use this LED as a desk lamp, art studio light, photography light, or wardrobe light.

Simple Deluxe

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What We Like

  • Energy efficient
  • High luminous power
  • Multi-use: Great as a studio light, desk light  
  • Does not emit heat that affects plants
  • Focused beams thanks to the versatile joints

Things to Consider

  • Only suitable for bonsai
  • Must buy separate LED bulbs

Bottom line

Simple Deluxe features tech advancements to make lighting more convenient for bonsai growers. It is great for indoor plants with adjustable brightness.

Its high power, compatible with 150 watts at peak, provides great lighting capability. 

So, users can install a wider range of bulb types with diverse lighting capacities. Yet, you need to buy these LEDs yourself.

Check out the LED bulbs that are compatible with Simple Deluxe below.

If you want to buy products with built-in LED bulbs, check out our similar LED lights below.

4. Phlizon Pro

Important Specifications

  • Spectrum: full spectrum 
  • Wattage: 2000 watt 
  • Lightning mode: dimmable
  • Number of LEDs:  720pcs

Product’s highlights

Large-scale indoor farming requires high-efficient like the Phlizon Pro LEDs. With its outstanding performance and a large number of LEDs, it caters to expert farmers.

A standout feature is high-grade water resistance, due to its aluminum alloy construction. The product will be immune to irrigation or pesticide spraying in agricultural cultivation.

No heat emission is another great advantage of the Phlizon Pro. Growers will not need to use a cooling fan, thereby not creating any fan noise.

Phlizon Pro led lights
Phlizon Pro

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What We Like

  • No waste heat, no fan noise
  • Effective water resistance
  • 30-day trial, or refund
  • Wider area of lighting
  • Sustainability in humid farming environments

Things to Consider

  • Initial investment cost

Bottom line

This product is durable and secured-built, so it works fine even in humid environments. Growers can have complete confidence in the quality of the LED lights.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day trial for you to test the light quality. With cost-effective Phlizon pro, you can upgrade your indoor farming to the next level.

You can check out more about powerful lighting products for large-scale farming here:

The Best Led Grow Lights for High Yields

5. LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Important Specifications

  • Spectrum: Blue – Red – White lights 
  • Power: 5V*2.4A
  • Lightning mode: 3 Color Modes with 10 different brightness levels 
  •  LED quantity: 44 LEDs

Product’s highlights

The product is most suitable for desktop plants or small-sized vegetables and flowers. Three basic light colors and 10 brightness sets support beginner growers.

Growers do not need to spend time formatting the color of the bulbs and brightness. They can choose from the available lighting options that suit plants’ developing stages.

The long lifespan of up to 30000 hours of LED lighting also offers advantages for growers.

LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants
LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

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What We Like

  • Convenient preset LED lighting modes
  • Excellent light efficiency for plant growth
  • Easy to install and use
  • Great choice for beginning gardeners

Things to Consider

  • Not suitable for large-scale indoor farming

Bottom line

Simple installation with anti-slip clamps fit for modern growing conditions and your office.

360-degree gooseneck allows the LEDs to rotate for optimal lighting for your plants.

Built with appropriate lights for growth, LED lights will be best for your indoor plants. The wavelengths of LEDs result in flowering, fruiting, and peak crop performance.

You can see more of some of the best LED lighting products for your office plants, here:

6. Likesuns Led Grow

Important Specifications

  • Spectrum: 3 spectrum modes
  • Wattage: 20 watts
  • LED quantity: 40 LEDs
  • Lightning mode: Dimmable with adjustable lighting modes 

Product’s highlights

The product has 3 spectrum modes that can meet a range of lighting needs of indoor plants. 

In particular, flowers and vegetables in the yield period are the most favorable.

The product’s 360-degree neckline provides optimal illumination to the corners of plants. 

LEDs are most beneficial in flowering and fruiting. As a result, growers have the best crop efficiency.

Likesuns Led Grow

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What We Like

  • Low investment cost
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent support with automatic lighting functions
  • Provides a steady and focused light source
  • Enhanced brightness

Things to Consider

  • Not suitable for mass farming
  • Need to fix the base of the LEDs

Bottom line

Upgraded lights with focused light are essential for vigorous plant growth. You won’t need to go through troubles to adjust brightness. Because the Likesuns LEDs have 10 modes for different growth periods.

Moreover, users also have a timer to set the programmed brightness. Thus, you do not need to spend too much time taking care of it. 

Or you can go out for a few days and still make sure the plants can grow with the proper lights.

Competitive price for quality also brings advantages to users. Yet, the product is suitable for small indoor farming.

There are other options suitable for houseplants during the fruiting period.  You can view more of the best choices for enhanced LED light sources here:


Important Specifications

  • Spectrum:  Full Spectrum
  • Wattage: 1000 watts
  • Lightning mode: Dimmable

Product’s highlights

Flexible brightness from 5% to 110% optimizes lights for all stages of plant growth. 

Besides, the manufacturer gives users detailed guides on suitable brightness modes for stages. Users only need to follow them to achieve the optimal crop yields. 

LED material is fuel-efficient and safe during use. To meet the needs of large-scale farming, the product has the ability to connect to a flexible daisy chain. 

Moreover, you can adjust the brightness of the individual LEDs to suit each lighting area.


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What We Like

  • Easy connection
  • Safe use for plants and growers
  • High luminous efficiency
  • Increase crop yield by up to 30%
  • Energy saving
  • Convenient accessories included

Things to Consider

  • There is heat when lighting

Bottom line

Freelicht indoor plant lights feature professional technology to achieve the best yields. The top priority of the producer is the convenience and efficiency of the grower. 

Furthermore, the focus is also on easy connectivity for large-scale indoor farming.

You can view more high-quality products for indoor large area agricultural lighting here.

The Best Led Grow Lights for Indoor Farms

8. iPower LED 1900W

Important Specifications

  • Spectrum:  Full spectrum
  • Wattage: 1900 watts
  • Lightning mode: Veg mode and Bloom mode 
  • Connection: Easy daisy chain function

Product’s highlights

Growing requirements in different stages ask for appropriate light colors and brightness. 

The iPower LED 1900W offers VEG mode support for germination and young plants. 

Meanwhile, BLOOM mode is most suitable when plants bear fruit, ensuring outstanding yield. 

Besides, full-spectrum light, like natural sunlight, fits for stronger shoots and generous yields.

iPower LED 1900W

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What We Like

  • installation kit included
  • Ideal for growing plants in tents, houses
  • Efficient cooling fan
  • Easy to scale up
  • High crop yield

Things to Consider

  • Need cooling fan system
  • Make a little noise

Bottom line

The product is a handy choice to connect to a daisy chain for users. The daisy chain helps to limit the number of sockets and increase the number of lights for wider areas. So, the iPower LED is convenient and optimal for indoor farming in expansive fields.

The use of a light mode switch helps users adjust lighting methods and levels in a button. It also simplifies your lighting management in mass farming.

You can have more options about LEDs for indoor plants with ease of operation and daisy chain here.

9. LEDs Commercial Grow

Important Specifications

  • Spectrum: Full spectrum 
  • Wattage: 200W
  • Lightning mode: custom dimmable

 Product’s highlights

SUNRAISE’s power-saving feature is superior to similar products. It also offers better performance to make indoor plants grow fast and strong. 

Not only saving bills, SUNRAISE is also easy to use with convenient dimming functions. 

Various light modes are flexible and suitable to support the growth of plants in all stages. 

The full spectrum also stimulates plant respiration and photosynthesis for flowering and fruiting. 

LEDs Commercial Grow
LEDs Commercial Grow

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What We Like

  • New generation LED lights
  • Good lighting results
  • Suitable for large area illumination 
  • Energy saving
  • Installation instructions and tools included

Things to Consider

  • Initial investment costs

Bottom line

Compared with other products, SUNRAISE has a better aluminum heat dissipation system. Thus, users do not need to use costly cooling fans.

A highlight of the product is the enhanced QB2000 LED. This type of LED saves and optimizes more than 50% of electricity compared to other old LED lights. Therefore, you will reduce a great deal of your monthly electricity bill.

Moreover, users will receive good support from the manufacturer and a 3-year warranty.

You can check out the most reputable indoor plant LED suppliers and their offers here.

10. Feit Electric

Important Specifications

  • Spectrum:  55 Nm Red Spectrum
  • Wattage: 19 watts
  • Lightning mode: Adjustable: High, Low, Optimal, Low Plant, High Plant…

Product’s highlights

Do-more-with-less is the motto of Feit Electric. This manufacturer brings upgraded LEDs into indoor farming for outstanding performance.

Feit products consume less electricity but provide better indoor lighting efficiency than others. 

With traditional methods, you need cooling fans to avoid heat and leaf burn. But, Feit Electric LEDs are completely friendly to the leaves.

Feit Electric
Feit Electric

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What We Like

  • Outstanding lighting performance
  • Ideal for greenhouse lighting
  • Spectral levels suitable for all plant growth stages
  • Easy installation and connection
  • FCC Compliant – the ultimate safety
  • UL certified for standard lighting products

Things to Consider

  • Initial investment
  • Only suitable for large area indoor plant lighting

Bottom line

Feit Electric fits best for growing stages because blue spectrum wavelength promotes photosynthesis. Moreover, red spectrum light will help to increase flowering rate and yields.

Built for large-scale indoor farming, the product has lightweight, durable polycarbonate casings. 

The convenient daisy chain connection also makes possible the illumination of extended areas.

Users are also assured when using the product in humid conditions. Feit Electric’s high-quality product standards ensure long-lasting performance and timeless performance.

You can check out the best LED products for large-scale indoor farming as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What color LEDs do I need for indoor plants?

  • Blue light

Plants in the beginning stages of development need blue light to gain height and growth. This is the primary light in the spectrum for plant growth.

  • Purple light

This type of light is good for the early stages of growth. But the growth performance is not comparable to blue light.

  • White light

This type of light comprises all colors of the spectrum. You can use this type of light on its own and it works for all stages of development. 

If your plants are already in the flowering and fruiting stages, you need a different light hue.

  • Red light

When plants have entered the later stages of growth, red light plays a role in enhancing yields. It is necessary for plant buds to flower and promotes fruit ripening.

2. Does the wattage of the LED grow lights matter?

You’ll have a hard time comparing the wattage of LEDs because they use many metrics to show the lamps’ power.  

You can refer to and check the brightness of the LEDs through the lumen index.

With indoor plants, adequate lumen is essential for plant growth. If measured per square foot, plants in the early stages of growth will need 2000 lumens.

Meanwhile, plants in the mature and fruiting stages need up to 10,000 lumens per square foot.

3. Will the heat emitted by indoor LED grow lights affect my farming?

We don’t rule out the risk that the heat from the bulbs will wreak havoc on your indoor crops. Yet, compared to other lamps, LEDs are the best choice because of the minimal heat they produce.

The best led grow lights will ensure that the heat emitted does not affect the growth of plants. 

But, if you want to remove the heat from the lights, you can install a crop-cooling system in your home.

4. Can I link indoor LEDs for extended area lighting?

It is of course possible to link many LEDs together to illuminate larger areas. In particular, their installations do not demand too much effort.

When interconnected, they form daisy chain connectivity. You only need to connect one light to another and then plug the chain into an outlet to illuminate a larger area.

5. What is the best distance to keep LEDs from plants?

The ideal distance is as close as possible. Yet, you need to be careful not to place the lamp too close to the young shoots. Because the buds will not reach their supreme potency when exposed in straight light.

Lamps with higher lumens should be further away from your plants. Manufacturers also specify the least distance to maintain for indoor growing. This specification should be of notice when performing lighting installations.

Final Verdict

If you are a professional gardener and own a large area of indoor farming, here are the best options for you:

For household farming areas, you would go with more moderate options. For performance and yields of veggies and flowers for households, you can consider:

We also offer the most energy efficient options. These new generations of enhanced LED lights would cut your electricity bill by half.

I hope this complete guide makes it easier for you to select the most suitable LED Grow Light for your gardens.