Are you looking for the best LED lights? If yes, don’t miss this article! We share with you the top 17 products on the market. Find out your favorite LED now!


Incandescent bulbs are out of trend! Most modern homeowners rely on the best LED lights to illuminate their homes! What makes this type of lamp so special compared to the traditional lights? Read this article, and the best LED lights will give you the best answer!

Below, we explain all the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights. We also share with you the top 17 products on the current market to get. Please scroll down to learn more!

What Is A LED Light?

LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode. You can understand LEDs as a type of semiconductor device that can emit light every time a small electrical current goes through it.

LED lights attract many homeowners nowadays due to their energy-saving features. Of course, the users still get the same benefits from LEDs as they usually have from conventional lights.

You can find out more about LED lights here !

Advantages of LED Lights

Long Lifespan

LED lights are well known for their long lifespan. Compared to traditional bulbs, LEDs last a lot longer.

While incandescent lights can shine for about 1,000 hours on average, the LED can work properly for about 50,000 hours. If you maintain the light regularly, it can even last for 100,000 hours.

In other words, an average LED light has a lifespan running from 6 to 12 years, 40 times longer than a traditional light.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, LED lights will show their superiority.  We don’t measure the energy efficiency of LEDs in wattage as of incandescent lights but in lumens. 

The lumens that the LEDs provide are very effective, with the number of lumens going to waste is minimal. Common LEDs can save up to 70% energy compared to traditional lights. More impressively, some high-end LED bulbs with high technology can even save up to 90%.

You can notice that many office buildings and schools now use LEDs instead of conventional bulbs due to this advantage.

Improved Environmental Performance

The LEDs are not only energy-efficient but also very environmentally friendly.

Common lights that we are using contain a high amount of mercury. However, there is no mercury used in the construction of LEDs. As a result, end-of-life LEDs do not need special handlings that are more often than not harmful to the environment.

The Ability to Operate in Cold Conditions

Cold weather is not a great thing for popular lighting sources. At a low temperature, the normal bulbs require a high voltage and high heat to brighten up. As a consequence, the intensity of the lights will diminish.

LEDs do not need heat to turn on. They only require a small electrical current passing through them. That’s why the LED lights are ideal for usage in cold conditionals. 

You can notice that most freezers, meat lockers, or cold storages have a construction with LEDs as the main equipment.

No Heat or UV Emissions

Conventional bulbs provide high heat and harmful UV rays after brightening for a long period of time. You can easily notice this phenomenon by touching the bulbs and finding out that they are hot.

Technically, incandescent bulbs switch 90% of their energy into heat. Only 10% are used for producing lights; thus, a big waste of energy.

LEDs, on the other hand, emit no heat and no UV rays. As you know, these lights do not need to burn anything inside to lighten up. That’s why they never get hot after a long operation.

Design Flexibility

LED lights are very compact but can provide a bright ambience, depending on your needs. Some models are as small as the size of a bean. This great size makes LEDs ideal for all purposes.

You can use LEDs on a circuit board. Or combine thousands of pieces of these lights to make a traditional bulb. Many manufacturers even add LEDs on the strips to serve decorating purposes on holidays.

Disadvantages of LED Lights

On the downside, LEDs still have several disadvantages of Led Lights.

Blue Hazard

Although the LEDs do not provide Ultraviolet rays that cause cancer in humans, they still provide a high amount of blue light. 

The blue lights do not seriously affect human health as UV lights do. But they may negatively impact the biological clock.

Do you frequently use smart devices at night and can not fall asleep? That’s the effect of blue lights.

Blue lights are the main cause of insomnia and eye fatigue. If your eyes are constantly exposed to blue lights for a long period, you may even develop near-sightedness.

Luckily, there are many types of special glasses designed for blue light prevention nowadays.

Transformer Required

Unlike traditional lights, LEDs can not be simply plugged in and turned on. These lights are highly sensitive to the electrical current. You have to install a transformer to convert the electricity to the amount of current that the LEDs are compatible with.

This requirement leads to another important issue. While LEDs can last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, an average transformer can break down after 25,000 to 50,000 hours.

You may not need to spend money to replace LEDs, but paying for transformers is required.

Risks of Flickering

Flickering is not a common issue. But if you don’t use the LEDs properly, they may cause flickering lights.

The flickering issue is due to many reasons. Some causes we can share with you are:

  • Incorrect dimming
  • Broken LED driver
  • Loosen connection

High Price

Another disadvantage of LEDs is their high cost. While a conventional bulb costs about $1 – $2 each, a LED bulb is about $5 to $20 on average.

But on the positive side, LEDs last much longer and have more features than traditional ones.

What To Look For When Buying A LED Light?

Many factors decide if a product can be deemed as the best LED lights.

Type of LED Lights

Different rooms in the house require different types of LED. We recommend every LED bulb for each room below.

Bedroom Use

The bedroom is where you relax and stay calm. You surely will want to bring a peaceful atmosphere to the room, right? Due to this reason, you should avoid LEDs that are too bright.

The best colors for bedroom LEDs are soft blue or any color at a neutral tone. They will keep your circadian rhythm from being annoyed.

  • Recommended Brightness: 1,500 – 3,500 lumens
  • Recommended Color: Soft blue, neutral color
  • Recommended Temperature Of Color: 2,700K – 2,900K

Home Office Use

The environment in the home office should allow you to be creative and productive. The lights should be highly bright to keep you focused and energized. Also, the lights should prevent you from glares from the computer display.

The best color for LEDs in the home office should be cool white or warm yellow.

  • Recommended Brightness: 3,000 – 5,500 lumens
  • Recommended Color: Cool white, warm yellow
  • Recommended Temperature Of Color: 3,000K – 4,900K

Living Room Use

The environment where you spend time with your family or meeting with guests should be warm and peaceful. The color of the LEDs should also give all people high energy.

We recommend you adjust spotlight lamps in the living room. The color can be bright yellow or bright white.

  • Recommended Brightness: 1,500 – 3,000 lumens
  • Recommended Color: Bright white, bright yellow
  • Recommended Temperature Of Color: 2,000K – 3,000K

Kitchen Room Use

The LEDs in the kitchen room should enhance the food’s appearance and your appetite; thus, the LEDs should be dimmable and adjustable to the perfect lights.

As you know, the best color for food is always warm yellow.

  • Recommended Brightness: 2,900 – 6,000 lumens
  • Recommended Color: Warm yellow
  • Recommended Temperature Of Color: 2,000K – 3,000K

Bathroom Use

The lights in the bathroom should come from around the mirror instead of from the ceiling. A bright LED will help lighten up the entire space in the room.

As we usually go into the bathroom after waking up in the morning, the LEDs should be bright to snap us out of the sleepiness. That’s why bright white is the most suitable color.

  • Recommended Brightness: 4,000 – 9,000 lumens
  • Recommended Color: Bright white
  • Recommended Temperature Of Color: 4,000K – 5,000K


The power of normal bulbs is rated in watts. However, we use lumens to describe the energy efficiency of LEDs.

Lumens per meter (LM) will illustrate how bright the LED light can shine. The higher the LM is, the brighter the LED is.


LEDs are small as beans. But as mentioned above, these lights can be combined to form big bulbs.

You will want to determine the LEDs’ purposes before purchasing to choose the most suitable size.

LED strips appear in different lengths. The common size range is from 1 foot to 32 feet.

Color And Temperature

LED bulbs have a wide range of colors from red, white, yellow, to purple. Depending on the type of the room and your purposes, you will decide on a suitable color.

Keep in mind that colors like red, yellow, orange will give a warm ambience to the room. While blue, white, or green may give a cool touch.


Common LEDs are designed with an ON/OFF switch. Some models have knob control to adjust it to the maximum brightness or change it to the dimming status.

Modern LED strip lights are compatible with Bluetooth or WLAN connections. You are free to change the brightness of these lights using an application on your smartphone.

With the AI technology nowadays, you can also use voice to command the lights via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.


LEDs that have high flexibility are more desirable. Some models allow you to bend them up to 90 degrees without breaking the panel or the circuitry. With this design, you can put the LEDs anywhere, any place.


As discussed above, the price of a LED, on average, is from $5 to $20. The higher cost is due to the extended features and lifespan of the lights.

It is not a must to buy a cheap product. We don’t recommend you buy extravagant ones either. Your buying decisions should be based on your purposes; it is essential to determine what you need from the LEDs and choose ones with the features that meet your needs.

Top 17 Best LED Lights

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#1: Best LED Light for Living Room: FBFC Modern LED Ceiling Lights

FBFC Modern LED Ceiling Lights
FBFC Modern LED Ceiling Lights

This FBFC Modern LED is ideal for indoor lighting. It can be mounted directly on your ceiling and provide light to the entire space in your living room.

The LED has a construction of silicone, acrylic, and aluminum frame. It will resist the impact of corrosion and avoid fading.

With a brightness adjustment system, the LED will support choosing the suitable light level for each period in the day. 

The special thing is, these lights can automatically remember which brightness you have set up. When you switch the lamp on, it will turn to the preset mode by itself.

The size of this FBFC Modern LED is quite big. You may not be able to install the lights in a small room.


  • Mounted to ceiling
  • Big size
  • Durable construction
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Auto-saved brightness


  • Not suitable for small rooms

#2: Best LED Light for Bedroom: Tenmiro 65.6ft LED Lights for Bedroom

Tenmiro 65.6ft LED Lights for Bedroom
Tenmiro 65.6ft LED Lights for Bedroom

This Tenmiro LED has a great length of 65.6 feet. You can roll the light strip up for a small bedroom or straighten it out to cover a large room. 

The lights feature multiple colors and 24 lighting modes for different scenes. If you need to relax, choose dimming mode. If you need to do indoor activities, just increase the brightness.

Moreover, the manufacturers have designed a music sync function for the LED. It can play relaxing music to help you get into sleep.

We like the timing function of this LED. You can set up the operating time for the lamp so that it can automatically shut down while you are sleeping. This feature will help you save a lot of energy.

The adhesive of the LED may not provide the best stickiness. However, you can still buy a better adhesive separately and stick the lights to your wall or ceiling.


  • Fitting small and big bedrooms
  • Multiple color adjustments
  • 23 light modes, including dimming function, for different scenes
  • Music sync function playing relaxing sounds
  • Timing function


  • Adhesive not working well
  • Phone application not working smoothly

#3: Best LED Light for Home Office: Sunco Lighting Linkable LED Shop Light

Sunco Lighting Linkable LED Shop Light
Sunco Lighting Linkable LED Shop Light

The Sunco Light Linkable LED Shop Light is our best recommendation for home offices.

This light has a bright white color that helps you stay focused on the work. With a strong light, the LED will enhance your productivity and creativity for the best working results while remaining non-reflective on computer screens.

Don’t worry about a big room. This LED light has an extendable design that allows you to connect up to 5 LED lights together with connectors. As you combine all LEDs, they will provide a high level of brightness to all the space in the room.

Please use these lamps indoors only. They are not made for installation outside. Any weather impact may badly affect the durability of this product.


  • Bright white color
  • Enhancing productivity and creativity
  • Extendable design with 5 LED lights
  • Easy installation
  • Integrated lighting


  • Not suitable for outdoor usage
  • Not waterproof 

#4: Best LED Light for Dining Room: Winretro Crystal Chandeliers LED Pendant Lighting Round

Winretro Crystal Chandeliers LED Pendant Lighting Round
Winretro Crystal Chandeliers LED Pendant Lighting Round

The Winretro LED has an elegant crystal design. It looks more expensive than it is, boasting two big rings with diamonds attached. This luxury design will create a dandy atmosphere in any dining room.

This lighting system features 3 adjustable modes, including cool white, warm white, and neutral white. You are free to set up a suitable light mode for different types of meals, guests, and moods.

Don’t think that the crystal shape is easy to break down! The frame of this LED is made of stainless steel. It can withstand the effects of both outdoor and indoor factors to remain durable.

Unfortunately, this Winretro LED is not easy to install. As the manufacturer advises, you should hire a licensed electrician to do the installation.


  • 2 round crystal rings for a luxury appearance
  • Adjustable modes 
  • Stainless steel, durable construction
  • Fitting 10 – 20 square meters 
  • ON/OFF switch included


  • No dimmable feature
  • Not easy to install

#5: Best LED Light for Kitchen: AntLux 4ft LED Flush Mount Linear Lights

AntLux 4ft LED Flush Mount Linear Lights
AntLux 4ft LED Flush Mount Linear Lights

The AntLux 4ft LED can be installed on the ceiling not to take up any cooking space in your kitchen.

With a constant current driver, the LEDs can work at high precision and efficiency. It will supply lights at high brightness, allowing you to see every piece of cookware clearly.

The manufacturers have constructed this lamp carefully. It will not flare, flick, or negatively influence your eyes. The decorative end caps and frosted cover will support comfortable lighting.

On the downside, this LED is not dimmable. You only have permission to switch the lamp on and off.


  • Space-saving design
  • Constant current driver for high precision and efficiency
  • No flare, flick, or dot spot
  • Decorative end caps and frosted cover for comfortable lighting
  • Eye protection


  • No pull chain included
  • Not dimmable

#6: Best LED Light for Bathroom: Drosbey 36W LED Ceiling Light Fixture

Drosbey 36W LED Ceiling Light Fixture
Drosbey 36W LED Ceiling Light Fixture

This Drosbey 36W LED Ceiling Light Fixture is ideal for bathroom usage. This lamp is safe and very efficient to use.

The lamp is designed for installation on the ceiling. At this position, it will not come into contact with water while you are taking a bath or showering, ensuring high safety.

Even when you accidentally spray water into the lamp, there will be no issue. The LED is placed inside a nickel cover that will resist shock, vibration, and water to prevent short circuits and electrical leakage.

We give our thumb up for the long lifespan of this model. It lasts up to 30,000 hours after installation. In other words, you can use this product for more than 10 years.

The wire of this LED is quite short. If you have a thick ceiling, the installation may be difficult to do.


  • Mounted on ceiling
  • Nickel cover
  • Shock, vibration, and water prevention
  • No electrical leakage or short circuit
  • Overload protection


  • Short cord
  • No dimmable function

#7: Best LED Light for Study Room: Wanjiaone Study LED Desk Lamp

Wanjiaone Study LED Desk Lamp
Wanjiaone Study LED Desk Lamp

The Wanjiaone Study LED Desk Lamp should be the best tool for any pupil or student.

With a rechargeable battery, the desk can be used wirelessly anywhere. The compact style allows the light to focus only on the surface of the study desk. It will not flare or tire your eyes.

The entire weight of this LED is just 2.2 pounds, allowing you to bring this lamp from place to place with ease.

As you can see, there is a holder equipped at the front of the LED. You can conveniently store your pencils, rulers, pens, or any studying equipment there.

The display of the clock on the LED screen is quite bright at night. However, there is no way to reduce this brightness.


  • Wireless design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Eye protection
  • Lightweight for high portability
  • Small pencil holder on the front side
  • LED screen showing time, date, temperature


  • Not showing the correct temperature
  • No reduction option for the clock brightness

#8: Best LED Light for Photography: Weeylite RGB LED Video Light

Weeylite RGB LED Video Light
Weeylite RGB LED Video Light

We recommend this Weeylite RGB LED to all photographers or video recorders. 

The product comes with a tripod stand. You can assemble these pieces of equipment so that the LED can stand and provide lights to the photographing object by itself.

No matter which level of lights you require for photographing, this model can support all. There are multiple color and brightness options from 2,500K to 8,500K that you can effortlessly adjust.

You don’t have to connect the lamp to the power source. It features a rechargeable battery and can be used wirelessly anywhere, at any time.

About its drawback, this LED does not provide lights while being charged. You have to wait until the product completes the charge to use it.


  • Tripod included
  • Multiple adjustable colors and light modes
  • Wireless operation
  • Rechargeable battery
  • High brightness


  • Battery with low capacity
  • Not working during the charge

#9: Best LED Light for Garage: Tudoccy LED Garage Light 

Tudoccy LED Garage Light 
Tudoccy LED Garage Light

In case you are looking for a LED to use in your garage, we advise you to get this Tudoccy LED.

The lamp features unique wide-angle lighting along with 4 adjustable panels. You can rely on this light to shine on all corners of your garage.

When you need to focus the lights on a specific place, just fold the panels. Each component is up to 90 degrees foldable. At the widest angle, the 4 panels can cover up to 360 degrees.

There is no need to hire an electrician, as the lights are easy to install. All you need to do is mount the lamp directly to the lamp port on your ceiling. No tools or wire is required.

If you expect a dimming function, this product may not be a good deal. It only permits you to switch ON/OFF, not adjust the brightness.


  • 4 adjustable panels
  • 90-degree foldability
  • Easy to install
  • High brightness
  • Long life


  • Not dimmable
  • Screws coming off easily

#10: Best LED Light for Camping: Lepro Lantern Camping Lantern

Lepro Lantern Camping Lantern
Lepro Lantern Camping Lantern

Are you about to head out for a camping trip? If yes, you have to prepare this Lepro Lantern in your packing checklist.

The LED does not need to be connected to the power source to run. With a rechargeable battery, this lamp can work cordlessly for up to 26 hours.

It is quite easy to carry the lamp around with its portable size and weight. The manufacturers have attached a strong handle on top of the lamp for convenient transportation.

There should be no worry about weather impact. The heavy-duty construction of this lamp can prevent water, wind, snow, and sunlight. You can use it to go camping anywhere, at any time.

Adjustments may be a little bit tricky, however. You need to press the button shortly to change the color and a long press to adjust the brightness.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wireless operation up to 26 hours
  • Handle attached for convenient transportation
  • Weatherproof design
  • Adjustable colors
  • Adjustable brightness


  • Tricky adjustment
  • No remote control

#11: Best LED Light for TikTok: Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights
Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

Govee Smart LED Strip Lights are the best LED for any person who records videos on TikTok. This model has intuitive features, supporting effortless usage.

The LED features millions of colors to choose from. Your only job is to adjust the color that is suitable for your TikTok video’s aesthetic.

As a modern LED, the model can work under wireless voice control. Just connect the product to Alexa or Google Assistant (Google Home), and you can make changes to the strips from a far distance. 

The LED also supports the music sync function. You can connect the model to your smartphone and use an application to set it up to play your favorite songs.

Some colors of this product may not be true as shown in the picture. For example, warm white will be slightly yellowish, or orange will appear as yellowish-green.


  • Millions of adjustable colors
  • Wireless voice control
  • Music sync function
  • Adjustments on smartphones
  • Long cord


  • Some colors appearing not true as advertised
  • Application not compatible with several devices

#12: Best LED Light for Home Gym: EShine 3 12 Inch Panels LED

EShine Panels LED
EShine 3×12 Inch Panels LED

Do you need a LED for your home gym? You should consider putting this EShine 3 12 Inch Panels LED on your buying list!

It is simple to control this LED, thanks to the sensory feature. All you need to do is wave your hands up and down to switch the lamp ON and OFF. If you want to set up a dimmable mode, just hold your hand under the product’s sensor.

The cool thing is, this light has an extendable design, which allows a high brightness on the entire room of the gym. The bright white color at 3,000K temperature will generate enthusiasm for the workout.

Like the third product on this list, the EShine only supports indoor purposes. It may be badly affected by outdoor factors.


  • Hand waving for control
  • Dimming function
  • Extendable design
  • Easy to install
  • 3,000K temperature generating workout enthusiasm


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Plastic construction

#13: Best LED Christmas Lights: Brightech Ambience Pro

Brightech Ambience Pro
Brightech Ambience Pro

The Brightech Ambience Pro is our top pick for the best LED in Christmas.

This lamp has a beautiful shape and a dimmable function. It will create a warm and happy atmosphere in any holiday, especially Christmas.

The product comes up with a total of 15 LED bulbs. You can hang these lights on your wall, ceiling, or even the Christmas tree.

We give a minus point to the durability of the bulbs, unfortunately. After a time of operation, some bulbs may break down or start flashing annoyingly.


  • Dimming function
  • Beautiful, decorative shape
  • 15 LED bulbs for decoration
  • Easy to install
  • Brightness adjustment


  • Bulbs flashing after a time
  • Getting mold and mildew

#14: Best LED Headlights: Philips 12362CVB2

Philips 12362CVB2
Philips 12362CVB2

The Philips 12362CVB2 will be the best deal for any driver at night.

2 LED bulbs can provide an ultra-bright white color. They will brighten up all the space in front of the car, allowing the drivers to see the road easily.

Don’t worry about the drivers on the opposite sides. The cool blue effects in the headlamp’s reflectors will not flare or blind people who look at the LEDs.

Unfortunately, these bulbs do not have a long life. They may stop working after 6 – 10 months.


  • Ultra-bright white color
  • Improved lighting distance
  • Not flare or blind the opposite drivers
  • Cool blue effects
  • Easy to install


  • Short lifespan

#15: Best LED Flashlights: Energizer T1000 LED Tactical Flashlights

Energizer T1000 LED Tactical Flashlights
Energizer T1000 LED Tactical Flashlights

Are you a security guard who has to walk around the job site at night? The Energizer T1000 LED will be your best partner!

The battery of this lamp can last up to 4 hours after a single charge. During the operation, the LED will provide lights at a high brightness of 1,000 lumens.

With a dimension of 10.04 inches x 2.28 inches x 2.13 inches and a lightweight of 1.08 pounds, the LED can be stored in the package of any hose. You can also hold the item in your hands and carry it around with ease.

It is quite bad that the LED has no power indicator. You can never know when the battery nearly runs out.


  • 4 hours of operation
  • Shining at 1,000 lumens
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy construction


  • Not easy to turn ON/OFF
  • No battery indicator

#16: Best LED Strip Lights: Govee 65.6ft Alexa LED Strip Lights

Govee 65.6ft Alexa LED Strip Lights
Govee 65.6ft Alexa LED Strip Lights

The Govee brand has made it twice on this list, this time with the 65.6 ft Alexa LED strip lights that have a high versatility. You can use this product to decorate any furniture in your house.

The strip is up to 65.6 feet long. You can hang it on your wall, on the tree, or any house fixture. This LED is also suitable to decorate stairs.

Of course, the lamp supports color and brightness adjustment. You just need to connect the LED to Alexa or Google Assistant (Google Home) and use the voice to control it.

In the beginning, the LED may smell quite toxic. But don’t worry too much because this bad odor will vanish after a short time.


  • Long cord
  • Color and brightness adjustment with voice
  • Music sync function
  • WIFI connection
  • 50,000 hours of lifespan


  • Bad odor in the beginning
  • Color not true as advertised

#17: Best LED Grow Lights: VIVOSUN Latest VS1000

VIVOSUN Latest VS1000
VIVOSUN Latest VS1000

Don’t hesitate to install this VIVOSUN VS1000 in your garden. This LED doesn’t only work as a decoration but also supports the growth of your plants.

The LED can be mounted to any position you desire. It will provide wide coverage of lights to all the plants in your garden. The natural lights allow the seeds and flowers to grow healthily and quickly.

The great thing is, this LED doesn’t provide heat or noise while brightening. You don’t have to worry about your plants dying under high temperatures.

Keep in mind that this LED is not waterproof. That’s why it is only supportive of indoor gardens, not of outdoor usage.


  • Full-spectrum sun-like lighting for healthy growth of plants
  • Mounted anywhere
  • Not providing heat
  • Quiet operation
  • Dimming function


  • Not waterproof
  • Short power cord

What Makes The Best LED Lights?

There are a lot of trustable brands that provide good LEDs nowadays. But overall, the following 5 brands manufacture the best LED lights:

Acuity Brands

  • Established: 2001
  • Location of the main office: Atlanta, GA, U.S.A
  • Official website:
  • Key product: ZL1D

GE Lighting

  • Established: 1911
  • Location of the main office: East Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A
  • Official website:
  • Key product: GE LED+ Dusk to Dawn A21


  • Established: 1891
  • Location of the main office: Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Official website:
  • Key product: LED Lamp E26

Everlight Electronics

  • Established: 1983
  • Location of the main office: New Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Official website:
  • Key product: 6364 LED lamp


  • Established: 1919
  • Location of the main office: Munich, Germany
  • Official website:
  • Key product: SST CLAS Globe 12 W/827 E27

FAQs About Led Lights

#1: Are LED lights brighter than regular lights?

Our answer is yes. Compared to normal bulbs, LEDs feature the brightest lights.

#2: Is LED lighting good for bedrooms?

As mentioned, LEDs come in different types. Each model of LED has a specific color, lumens, and temperature. Some types of LED may be good for the bedroom, and some aren’t.

#3: Which type of LED light should I choose for my bedroom?

The best LEDs for the bedroom should have:

  • Brightness: 1,500 – 3,500 lumens
  • Color: Soft blue, neutral color
  • Temperature Of Color: 2,700K – 2,900K 
#4: Where can I put LED lights in my room?

You are free to choose the place to install the LEDs. The single thing you want to make sure is that the lights can brighten all space in the room.

#5: What is the best brand of LED lights?

We have recommended the 5 best LED brands above, which are:

  • Acuity Brands
  • GE Lighting
  • Philips
  • Everlight Electronics
  • Osram
#6: What brand of LED lights do TikTokers use?

Most Tiktokers choose LED lamps from the 5 best brands above. In addition, some popular streamers on Tiktok use the LEDs from the following companies:

  • Pangton
  • Litake
  • Elfeland
  • Govee
#7: Which are brighter, LED or halogen lights?

LEDs are brighter than most conventional bulbs, including incandescent or halogen bulbs of the same power.

#8: How many lumens does a room need?

A room that is about 100 square feet wide will require about 1,000 – 2,000 lumens of LEDs. The lumens also depend on your purposes. If you don’t want high brightness, you can choose lower lumens and vice versa.

You can read this article to find more about how many lights you need for a room.

#9: Which LED light is best for the eyes?

If you want to relax while reading or have a good rest, you should go for a LED that features lumens between 2,500K and 3,000K of temperature.

The natural light between 4,900K and 6,000K will help your eyes focus on the work.

A cold light at 6,500K of temperature will improve overall attention by enhancing a high brightness level.

If you want to know whether LED lights are harmful to the eyes, read this article.


Above are our 17 best LED lights. Has any product caught your eyes?

Each product has its pros and cons; thus, it’s best to determine what you need from a LED before making any buying decision.

Anyway, no matter which model you choose, it must meet all the requirements explained in the buying guide, including brightness, color, temperature, etc.

For further questions, please get in touch with us. We will answer you as soon as we can.

And now, our article will come to an end. Many thanks for reading.